Tools and Technology


The Denver Fit Loft is pleased to offer the Retul 3D Motion Capture System – the most advanced fitting tool in the industry. The Retul system fuses 3D motion capture technology, video imaging, and dynamic real time data to enhance the fitter’s knowledge and skill and provide you with a complete fit experience. The Retul system also allows for three dimensional measurements and immediate data reporting, giving the cyclist real-time feedback on fit and performance. These tools in addition to the millimeter-specific digitizer device provide the customer with the most comprehensive fit on the market. The Retul system is the only system that allows the fitter to record real time dynamic 3D measurements.

Frame Finder

Our Frame Finder fitting appointment uses the ReTul MUVE bike to help our bike fitter configure and assess the many different frames, stems, bars, cranks, handlebars and other components needed to achieve your optimal bike fit and proper product selection. By putting your body in the optimal position we can properly recommend and guide our clients into not only the proper bike, but the proper tailoring of the bike to maximize comfort, budget, and performance. Once we acquire your optimal position with the ReTul system, we then use the digitizer tool to record and search the achieved fit parameters. This then allows us to virtually construct and confirm the best bike and component choices for your purchase.

Retul Müve Dynamic Fit Bike for New Bike Purchase

The Retul Müve fit bike features simple turn crank movement allowing for XY adjustability while the rider is on the bike. Unlike other fit bikes that have been on the market for years, the Retül Müve is new and unique. It is entirely mechanical and continuously adjustable with the rider on-board and pedaling. Simple hand knobs allow the fitter to dial in the contact points, one millimeter at a time. Multiple, independent knobs change saddle stack, saddle reach, bar stack, and bar reach. The cranks are adjustable as well, ranging from 155mm to 185mm, which allows the rider to test out a variety of lengths.

The fit bike is an excellent tool for cyclists and triathletes to use prior to purchasing a new bike. Retül Müve can be set up for road, mountain, and tri positions. The bike works in conjunction with Retül 3D motion capture technology in order for the fitter to collect rider data and immediately make bike adjustments to create the desired final position.

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