What to Expect

The Fit Experience

Depending on your chosen fit, please allow 1 to 2 hours for the fit process. Although this is not a workout, you will be riding the trainer for a good portion of the fit, so please be prepared to break a light sweat.

What You Need to Bring:

  • Your bike
  • Cycling clothing. Please try to wear something that is not too baggy. A sleeveless jersey is ideal. If you do not own a cycling or triathlon kit, please wear workout clothes
  • Cycling shoes and pedals (we do have several demo pedals available, but prefer you bring what you normally use)
  • Water bottle
  • Small towel

Possible Additional Charges

Sometimes to achieve the optimal bike fit you may need some additional or different components. If this is the case, additional parts will be 10% off.

  • Stems – Stems often need to be changed to achieve ideal fit
  • Saddles – The saddle is often a major part of achieving your optimal bike fit. We have many different saddles for purchase or demo, including Adamo, Terry, Cobb, Fizik, Selle Italia, and WTB
  • Handlebars/Aero Bars – We may need to change your handlebars due to shoulder width, sacrum angle, desired reach, etc. We have access to many options if this is necessary
  • Seat Post – A possible seat post swap may be needed depending upon your desired reach, saddle height, and knee fore/aft position
  • Pedals – Frequently customers are on the incorrect pedal system, resulting in alignment issues, pedaling inefficiencies, and reduced power transfer

Labor performed after the fit is an additional charge. This includes changing handlebars, re-taping bars, changing cranks, etc.