A Proper Fit
for a Proper Ride

Proper Fit: noun (‘prä-pər-fit’)

1. The seamless connection between you and your bike. 2. A combined approach utilizing proven science, technology, and understanding to ensure comfortable, efficient, pain-free riding.

The Denver Fit Loft Difference

The Denver Fit Loft is Denver’s only independent fitting studio with a brand neutral approach to fitting and selling bicycles. This makes us completely unique and gives us the ability to help you find not only a proper bicycle fit but also the most ideal bicycle for your type of riding.

We believe that a proper bike fitting will greatly benefit the recreational cyclist, serious enthusiast, and seasoned professional. If you are experiencing pain and discomfort, or just want to perform better, our knowledge and experience will resolve biomechanical issues and allow greater comfort and performance. Whether you’re a road rider, triathlete, mountain biker, or indoor rider, our goal is adapt the bike to your specific needs - creating harmony between you and your bike. By combining Retul motion capture technology and the skill of our bicycle fit specialists, we give you an extraordinary bike fit experience.