A Proper Fit for a Proper Ride

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Give us a call at (303) 881-2252 to schedule today. Appointments vary from 1.5 to 3 hours with the last availability at 4pm.

Fit Packages

Whether you’re purchasing a new bike or retooling your current setup, we have a package to make your ride more comfortable.

Retul Technology

We employ the latest technology and bike fitting tools, including the new Retul Müve Fit Bike. Learn more about how we give you the proper fit.

The modern bicycle fit is a combination of trained and learned skill, as much as it is a technologically new science. Our fit services are optimized for finding you the proper bicycle fit.

The Denver Fit Loft Difference

The Denver Fit Loft is Denver’s only stand alone bike fitting studio to feature Retul technology. We believe that body fitting is a tool that greatly benefits the cycling hobbyist and competitive age grouper to the time trial champion. Our knowledge and experience, combined with the most advanced body fitting technology, including the Retul Müve dynamic fit bike, will help you become more comfortable, efficient, powerful, and aerodynamic. Our goal is to create a comfortable, fun, and efficient marriage between you and your bicycle. By combining the best of new technology and the skill of our bicycle fit specialists, we give you an extraordinary bike fit experience.

Please take time to read more about our Retul 3D Motion Capture and Frame Finder fit technology, our Pinarello Custom Fit process, as well as the Müve fit bike for new bike purchases. We welcome your inquiries and look forward to serving your bicycle fitting needs.