After I’d suffered crippling cramps throughout the 2016 road season, and after I’d tried just about every other remedy to rid myself of them, a fellow cyclist recommended a professional bike fit with the Denver Fit Loft. His recommendation couldn’t have been more spot-on. I’d always been a bit suspicious about bike fitters in general, given all the conflicting opinions about what constitutes a “good” fit. After the fitter’s initial observation of my form and pedaling technique, he described in detail all of the symptoms he suspected I was suffering from—and then explained why. He was spot on. Many of the changes he made were radical and counter-intuitive—for example, he shortened my crank arm length by 7.5 mm. The results have been amazing. Since the fit, I’ve never felt close to cramping on rides, I’m far less fatigued after a hard ride, and I recover much more rapidly.

The fitter used the Retul system to determine my optimal bike fit. The Retul technology is awesome but it wouldn’t be worth a penny if it weren’t coupled with someone knowledgeable. I can hardly wait for the 2017 road season to begin. I’ll now be able to ride with additional strength, endurance, and confidence—the confidence that comes from no longer worrying about cramping up mid-race. The Denver Fit Loft has earned my highest praise and recommendation.

- Darrel S.

At Ironman Boulder, the bike was amazing. I had so much fun on it and felt way less sore after the bike section this year than I ever have before! Thank you all so much for helping set me up so well with such a screaming ride! Blown away at the work you all do.

- Josh C.

Getting a bike fit at the Fit Loft was an awesome experience. The fitter has a ton of expertise in the cycling world and a degree in Kinesiology to back him up. I’d highly suggest visiting him to get properly fitted on your bike, especially if you are currently experiencing any pain while riding. He’ll get you set up to be in your most comfortable and efficient cycling position!

- Jess P.

This is an amazing shop. The fitter was able to make slight changes to my seat and stop the lower back pain I was feeling. And today I had a crisis because my local bike shop took off my seat and didn’t know the setting to place it on. Not something you want to hear three days before an Ironman. I called the Fit Loft in a panic and they were able to fix the seat within an hour. Phew!!! From now on I will only trust my fits to Denver Fit Loft!

- Tatiana M.