Fit Services

Body fitting is a tool that greatly benefits the occasional weekend warrior through the seasoned cycling pro. The Denver Fit Loft is here to create a comfortable, fun, and efficient marriage between you and your bicycle. We combine the best of new technology and the skill of our fit specialists to give you an extraordinary fit experience.

We begin each fit with a rider interview and biomechanical assessment that determine goals, cycling history, injuries, flexibility, riding style, and more. We then move through the layers of refining the fit through a process of visual, physical, and verbal evaluation via our fit specialists and data from the Retul system. During the fit, we educate you and impart our knowledge and experience to ensure comfort, understanding, and belief in our service and our technological analysis. We take time to discuss what changes to make, why we suggest them, and how they will enhance your cycling experience.

Please note that our fits are guaranteed. If you would like to return for adjustments, appointments made within one month of the original appointment are no charge. After one month, we charge $85 per hour.