Methodology & Technology


A master craftsman always chooses the appropriate tool for the job. We here at the Denver Fit Loft have seen the influx of technological driven tools come into the fit world, even helped create the majority of them! But tools can only help the fitter and the rider arrive at the proper position, they don’t define the experience.  A true craftsman understands the rider’s dreams and realities, abilities and limitations, and uses the right tools to help them achieve the proper position. Our methodology has been established through decades of experience, relying on scientifically tested methods and medical based practice. We treat each client as an individual, with their own unique abilities and challenges, and strive to provide the best experience while custom-tailoring their bike to them.

The Denver Fit Loft is pleased to offer the Retul 3D Motion Capture System – the most advanced fitting tool in the industry. The Retul system fuses 3D motion capture technology, video imaging, and dynamic real time data to provide feedback and insight to enhance the fit experience. The Retul system also allows for three dimensional measurements with millimeter precision, so documenting your position has never been easier or more repeatable. Other fit-specific tools, such as the adjustable Retul Muve fit bike, Custom Footbed molding equipment, or Digital Sit Bone Device can be utilized when needed.